What is the proper term for an "UFCS"-flavored paths?


How should I call paths like <T::BindTransport as IntoFuture>::Future? Documentation uses “Angle-bracket Form” (https://doc.rust-lang.org/book/ufcs.html#angle-bracket-form). Is this the “official” term? It sounds a bit confusing, because you always uses angle brackets…

Hm, actually, <>:: can be called the reverse turbofish…


…and of course, by using the fish-turbo operator together with the previously seen turbofish, we can name a particular instance of a trait method with a generic output type:

<Type as Trait>::method::<u8>()

This construction is commonly referred to as the “fish-turbofish”.

-The Rust Guide to Aquatic Fauna, 3rd ed.


“Fully qualified associated entity projection”?


In the second edition of the book we call it “fully qualified syntax.”