What is the best artificial intelligence tool out that that can be configured with Rust?

I am looking for a tool that is well documented, easy to use artificial intelligence tool that can do image processing especially, what library/crate would be recommended for this?

I'm afraid that in this case the best AI tool is the one you knew before attempting to use it from Rust, since learning both the language and the tool at the same time would be nearly impossible.

How come with Rust it is much more complicated to do artificial intelligence compared to something like Python?

Because people have spent much more time writing great Python libraries for the purpose.

Isn't there some binding to allow Rust to use the Python AI libraries?

There probably is something, but that doesn't mean it's easy to use from Rust. Bindings are typically quite inconvenient unless an idiomatic Rust layer is put on top.

Note that I don't know the details of AI. There may be something good that I've just never heard of.

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What about Emu, is this still much more complicated over Python's artificial intelligence libraries?

In my message, "language" is any programming language, not just Rust. I assume that you are already familiar with some other language, and in this case it's probably better to first make yourself familiar with any complex tech using it, not trying to learn two things at once. Rust is hard, but it's not too hard to be special.


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