Visualizing an existing project with a flowgraph / pipeline graph / flowchart (GraphViz)

In the early stages of Rust learnings but diving into an existing project where I'm trying to visualize how each of the components in the project are working together. Rust nightly used to provide the following:

rustc +nightly -Zunpretty="flowgraph=main" src/

It doesn't appear to be an option anymore?

A similar utility that I've used before in Ruby is:

For those familiar with GStreamer, it provides pipeline graphs that can be generated:

Appreciate the help in advance!


The sad news is that this kind of visualization is hard. There aren't many tools. Some coordination will be required to build it. These are some links looking for something similar:

  1. Visualizing Rust AST - Help -needed
  2. What would be the best approach for writing a lifetime visualizer?
  3. Best way to visualize structure of a Rust program

callgraph may interest you.

Good luck.

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