Using a Tokio based RPC lib with async-std

Hi there,

I want to use one of the RPC libs but they are all based on tokio AFAICS. However, my app depends on async-std due to the excellent (MSSQL) and (web).

Switching to a pure Tokio-supported stack is prohibitive (as the old tokio based MSSQL lib is no longer supported).

Is there a general guidance resource for using both async-std and tokio runtimes together anywhere?


From the documentation of async-std:

Compatibility with the tokio runtime is possible using the tokio02 Cargo feature:

version = "1.6.5"
features = ["tokio02"]


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things move so quickly in rust land :-). Thanks @alice

You're welcome. Note that the Cargo.toml for prisma tiberius contains both async-std and Tokio as optional dependencies, so I suspect that only tide is forcing you to use async-std.

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