Use clippy fix as code actions in rust-analyzer

I'm using rust-analyzer with the rust-tools.nvim plugins in neovim. I have set up rust-analyzer to have diagnostics coming from clippy, but when there is a fix, it is not suggested in code actions as fixes from cargo check do. Is there a way to do that ?

  1. Make sure you already set check.command to clippy in RA config.
  2. Not every diagnostic has its clippy fix suggestion. Try out the following snippet showing clippy::approx_constant and clippy::manual_filter_map diagnostics. [1]
fn main() {
    let _ = 3.14; // diagnostic without an action
    let _ = (1i32..10) // diagnostic with actions
        .filter(|n| n.checked_add(1).is_some())
        .map(|n| n.checked_add(1).unwrap());

  1. If clippy is not set properly, diagnostics and actions won't show up. ↩︎

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