Updating "nightly" + "clippy" is a nightmare


I like to write names of functions and variables in my native language instead of English, and this requires:


Unfortunately, this in turn requires to use the "nightly" toolchain, because the "stable" one gives me:

"#![feature]" may not be used on the stable release channel

Now, here is the real problem. I use the "clippy" component in order to optimise my code, but for the past few weeks, it's been a nightmare to update "nightly" + "clippy", because "clippy" is not easily available anymore. Indeed, if you go to:


you will see that "clippy" was unavailable 5 days out of 7.

Now, I know that I can install a toolchain from a specific date, but this means that I have to check manually the last availability of "clippy" and run carefully crafted commands, instead of just running:

rustup update

Any solution?


This is far from a solution, but if you can get a working nightly+clippy toolchain, then rustup update will work as you describe.

Specifically, if you can run rustup update; rustup component add clippy --toolchain nightly successfully on a day where the latest nightly has clippy available, then running rustup update after that will skip over all "bad" nightly versions.

This was added in https://github.com/rust-lang/rustup.rs/pull/1997, and it's a part of the solution. Unfortunately, we don't yet have a wholesale solution to https://github.com/rust-lang/rustup.rs/issues/1501.

Yes, unfortunately nightly breaks clippy and rls often because these components are tightly coupled to the compiler. The best thing to do AFAIK is pin your compiler to a specific nightly version by creating a toolchain file in your repo. Then you can decide when (and which specific version) to update to at your leisure.

You can also do this same thing system-wide by setting your default compiler to a specific nightly build, instead of the nightly channel. e.g. rustup default nightly-2019-10-04