"Unwrapping" a `std::num::Wrapping<u32>` value?

Hi, I've been writting a little hash program before I come across Wrapping type. However, I found no way to convert an wrapped value back to primitive one. For e.g.:


just generates an error:

the trait `std::convert::From<std::num::Wrapping<u32>>` is not implemented for `u32`
   = help: the following implementations were found:
             <u32 as std::convert::From<bool>>
             <u32 as std::convert::From<char>>
             <u32 as std::convert::From<std::net::Ipv4Addr>>
             <u32 as std::convert::From<std::num::NonZeroU32>>
           and 2 others
   = note: required because of the requirements on the impl of `std::convert::Into<u32>` for `std::num::Wrapping<u32>`

I'm not very familiar with the From and Into trait. AFAIK without std::convert::From<std::num::Wrapping<u32>> I can never do the conversion I want. I've checked Wrapping type's methods, but none of them seems to do the job.

Any help?

u32::wrapping_add is another way of saying Wrapping::<u32>::add, because u32::add is by default non-wrapping and panics on overflow, while Wrapping is a wrapper which wraps on overflow.

Therefore Wrapping(254_u8) + Wrapping(2_u8) is equivalent to u8::wrapping_add(254_u8, 2_u8).

To get the value out of a Wrapping use my_wrapping.0.


Thank you. I'll check .0 later. BTW is it documented somewhere?

.0 is the way to access stuff from a tuple struct. Wrapping is a really simple type that is defined like this

pub struct Wrapping<T>(pub T);

And has specific impls for the arithmetic operators to do wrap on overflow instead of panic on overflow by deferring to the appropriate wrapping_* method on the integers.

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and elsewhere


@TomP @KrishnaSannasi
Thank you for your reply, Actually I'm searching for any documentation on the implemention of Wrapping type. If it's documented as just a Tuple, it would be (at least feels like to) safer to use the .0 way.

Click on the src button to the right of an item to see the corresponding code

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I know I can check the source code directly. But I kind don't want to rely on inner details.
Anyway the problem is solved. Hope the implementation of Wrapping remains unchanged in future releases.

You don't have to check the [src] button, you can just press show declaration in the top.

And of course they won't just change the implementation of Wrapping in a non-backwards compatible way.

Indeed the doc even says “The underlying value can be retrieved through the .0 index of the Wrapping tuple.”

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Thanks. That'd be over enough to kill my false worries. I locked my eyes on the methods, which seems to not be a good idea.

Just for completeness' sake: Because the inner value is just a public field of the Wrapping struct, you can also retrieve it via pattern matching:

use std::num::Wrapping;

let x = Wrapping(0); // x: Wrapping<i32>
let Wrapping(y) = x; // y: i32