Type/trait alias docs

I've some type aliases for which I'd love the underlying type's methods to appear on the type alias.

pub type VRFSignature<E: JubjubEngine, PD>
 = VRFProof<E: JubjubEngine, VRFPreOut<E>, Individual<E>, PD>;

I've a couple methods polymorphic over E and PD that should really appear on this type alias, as well as on the underlying VRFProof type.

Assuming E fixed, there are roughly twelve possible types here, for which I'd love some good way to document each variant, although most do not require a trait alias since the user only touches them in passing, so transient builder states. In most cases, I'd place deeper documentation onto each viable type argument value, but embedding some discussion help. Is there some way to make doc comments on impl blocks appear?

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