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Yeah, I just saw that.

Here's a more specific Bergstrom quote:

I could not get 85 percent of this room to agree that we like M&M's. Eight-five percent of people believe that their Rust code is more likely to be correct than the other code within their system. … I've been through more than one language survey in my life and I've never seen those kinds of numbers before.

Rust developers at Google twice as productive as C++ teams • The Register


Renault want to sell cars with rust!

Frédéric Ameye:


As a former JavaScript plebeian who has only been semi-recently illuminated by the suspiciously pastel pink, white and blue radiance of Rust developers, NOT having to sit in my web console debugger for hours pushing some lovingly crafted [object Object] or undefined is a blessing.

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What I'm suggesting is just a lint against the specific pattern of calling a constructor function then a function called as_ptr or as_mut_ptr, then a semicolon. What I'm imagining targeting here is just the case where someone creates a String or a Vec but then their IDE suggests that they apply as_ptr or as_mut_ptr as a conversion function, because the IDE is stupid and just playing Type Tetris.

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@DanielKeep here on URLO regarding AV software causing execution issues