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Why is this design the best in the space of possible designs?

Being the only design makes it the best design by definition

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Can someone tell me what the fuck is going on? Miri? PR? Succinct? Turing? What evaluation? What does nightly rust mean? Jesus did I just have a stroke? I just play rust

/u/StimpakJunkie at In the culmination of an epic PR, nightly Rust is now using the Miri interpreter for all constant evaluation


@SimonSapin’s “FCP all the things!” from


“Crate friends” would be a good name for a TV show about Rust.

– Sergio at #rust-libs,

durka42: use std::antigravity;
durka42: error: flying is unsafe
      * snowe laughs
feliix42: durka42: Needs an RFC

– durka on #rust


I think that one of the biggest problems with Rust right now is that people treat it like they do with C: people are so used to just telling the compiler “shut up, I know what I’m doing” that when Rust fights back and says “no, you actually can’t do that,” people get rather upset and feel like the compiler is just being picky, rather than feeling like they are actually at fault.

by @clarcharr,


/u/Elnof in this Reddit thread.

C++ is mentioned in that comment but the same can be said of many other languages.


I found this in the doxidize docs, and thought it was amusing:

When you invoke doxidize clean, here’s what happens:

It deletes the target/docs directory. While this seems straightforward, note that there’s at least one bug in the current implementation.


There are no emoji for higher-order-camels, so please don’t ask about that case :wink:

— shepmaster,


A bit sharp, but nevertheless funny:

Haskell/Idris folks is probably the last group of users I’d personally care about, they have every piece of punctuation occupied for something highly useless for non-PL-enthusiasts.

petrochenkov on internals


Holy ****! This compiler is like my dad, won’t let me do anything wrong!!

@cg-cnu’s wife expressing rust’s safety morals, in isn’t rust too hard to be adopted (censored by me, just in case)


Rust is one of those friends that take some time to get along with, but that you’ll finally want to engage with for a long term relationship.

From this blog post about Go


I’ve become fearless in Rust, but it’s made me fear every other language…

u/bluejekyll on reddit


last time i talked to the infra team they made a bot to replace kennytm. i fear if I ask them to write a rust based unikernel with a custom os to host the docs they’ll actually do it

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Explicitness is the fourth core value of Rust. Ironically, I don’t see that “Explicitness” is ever explicitly stated as a goal of Rust. But, given the choice between implicitness and explicitness, Rust usually chooses explicitness.

iwhitney in Rust via its Core Values

More of a tongue twister, but its true! :smile:


“Rust is difficult because writing correct code is difficult” – @leodasvacas

Said about this post: Isn't rust too difficult to be widely adopted?

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Isn't rust too difficult to be widely adopted?
Rust beginner notes & questions



Software is partly a production problem, but it’s mainly a maintenance problem. Powerful primitives like Rust are our path to building sustainable services that don’t need human attention around the clock, and which can be expected to operate reliably over epochs measured in decades instead of weeks.


Well I didn’t expect the bloody Rust Evangelism Strike Force.

bursts through conveniently placed door

NOBODY EXPECTS THE RUST EVANGELISM STRIKE FORCE! Our chief feature is safety. Safety and speed. Our two main features are safety and speed. And fearless concurrency. Three! Our three main features are safety, speed, and fearless concurrency. And a fanatical devotion to Ferris.

– /u/shadow31 on Reddit at


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