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<Quxxy> Rust: Buy Your Own Damn Batteries; What Are You, A Communist?

Full context:
<Quxxy> I had a fun one in cargo script: there’s currently no way in Rust to get a file’s mtime and the system time in the same time format
<Quxxy> (On Windows)
<Quxxy> You can get one in UNIX time, the other in Windows time
<Quxxy> Which have different scales and different epochs
<Quxxy> Rust: Buy Your Own Damn Batteries; What Are You, A Communist?


cf. “Python: Batteries Included”.


Congratulations, we’re no longer the slowest compiler!

Manishearth on compiling a brainfuck interpreter running on the hodor compiler written in Rust macros.


An exchange on /r/rust


As an actual crustacean that likes to program in rust, I feel very left out by the term human beings. :frowning:


Sidebar updated.


11,442 human beings + bytemr


Regarding Manish’s compiler, he also sumbitted (in the same /r/rust thread):

I picked Ook, (a textual variant of brainfuck) and substituted Ook with HODOR because the code is much more readable that way :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree.

11:53 < kimundi> Heh, good cite from #rust: <dfockler> Rust is like screaming into the void, and the void screams back "a's lifetime doesn't last long enough"



Overall, Rust has never aimed to be a “minimal” language, but a “medium sized” one.

graydon2 on reddit


Go feels like a bunch of older C programmers listing their issues with writing concurrent C code.
Rust feels like a bunch of Haskell programmers listing their issues with C++.

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Thanks for the quotes, and thanks to @nasa42 for getting twir out for the last two weeks.


Because discuss makes no sense, I found these already written in a comment when I visited the forum today. I guess discuss really wants them posted.

Swedish fish are vegan

  • Steve Klabnik

Rust is safe. There’s no unsafe code in Rust. Nobody writes unsafe code.

  • Alex Crichton

* Quxxy sleeps in a tub of ICE because he's just *that* manly, and not because he has a crippling addiction to unstable features
<Quxxy> I'm cool, I can quit box_syntax any time I want
<duncan> Quxxy, you have a problem, but we are all here to support you
<duncan> you are in a safe place
* Quxxy surreptitiously snorts a line of macro_recursion
<Quxxy> Nah, man, it's good
<Quxxy> No worries
* Quxxy coughs, and a syntax extension falls out of his pocket
<Quxxy> Ah, now, look; I can explain
<Quxxy> <_<
<Quxxy> >_>
* Quxxy flees
* Quxxy has quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 39.0/20150630154324])

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What are the big differences between Rust and Go? Besides memory management?

As a Go person i would say: A much more complex type system

As a Rust person person i would say: We have a type system at all.



I think if someone placed the Rust and Go community in a room and
asked them to fight, we’d probably just all order pizza and geek out
over languages.

Manishearth on reddit


was just about to post this!


<Gankro> I'm addicted to Self. Writing types is for chumps



Lifetime elision makes the easy cases invisible and the interesting cases more confusing.

/u/cwzwarich on /r/rust


Here’s the thing that touches me about “I believe in people”: It’s not about
’dumbing down’ or not, it’s about how you respect the learner.

I have been programming again for a year now. Before that, I hadn’t
touched anything more than a few trivial BASIC and Python programs in
nearly a decade and a half. I’ve essentially had to relearn programming
all over again, and because of the way my brain works, I’ve dabbled in a
lot of languages and dealt with a lot of different approaches
to learning a language in order to do that. I’ve done everything from
interactive tutorials, to koans, to books, to good old-fashioned “type
in the code from the guide” stuff, in no less than half a dozen

Something I think Rust gets right, the community, the book, even the
compiler, is that it does believe in you, but it also doesn’t expect you
to just “get it” overnight.

There is a tone to the literature, to the compiler messages, to the IRC channel, which is this: “we understand.”

Rust is a language that has taken some of the best ideas of
programming, and added on top of them some very clever ideas of its own,
ideas that take some thinking to get your head around.

And it feels to me, like everyone knows this, and hasn’t forgotten that.
The single hardest thing about teaching anything is understanding just
exactly how much you’ve internalized and forgotten that you even know.

Perhaps this is simply because it’s a young language yet, and to some
extent even the team developing Rust itself is still sort of learning
what Rust is and is to be.

But I don’t think it’s just that.

I’ve yet to feel stupid programming in Rust. I’ve yet to feel like
"oh, dummy, you should’ve known that." I’ve yet to feel embarrassed for
not knowing something or not puzzling it out on my own. When I read the
books, the tone that comes across is "Yeah, this is a little tricky, but
don’t worry if you don’t get it the first time. You’ll get it in time."
When I ask in the channel, I get prompt and helpful answers, not just
to my question, but often to what it means and why. As if there’s an
acknowledgement that every such question is an opportunity to teach, an
expected event, instead of a mutual nuisance to be exchanged in the
hopes someone else will return the favor later.

There’s a collective impression that programming is challenging, the
ideas Rust presents are something a bit new, and everyone’s gone through
their share of puzzling through how it works. No one’s going to judge
you in the slightest for not getting it the first time, but everyone
believes you can do it, and wants to help you get to that moment that is
by now already probably familiar to many Rust programmers where the
little light bulb goes on and you go “oh! That makes perfect sense.

Part of truly believing in someone is helping them see through their
failures to the successes they’re capable of. I hope this community
never loses that, because it’s something special.

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Manish is at it again on reddit:

Rust is very much about only paying for what you need, and often you don’t need much, but when you do need something, Rust is more than ready to rummage in your wallet for loose change.


C++ programmers think unique_ptr is their ally. But they merely adopted it. We were born in it, molded by it. We didn’t see the the unsafe till we were already proficient, and by then it became nothing but blinding.

Manish doing his best Bane impression on reddit.