TWiR quote of the week

Every great language needs a Steve.

Someone from hackernews about @steveklabnik: Every great language needs a Steve. If you don't read anything else programming ... | Hacker News

By the way, let me tell a personal story of how I've actually got involved with Rust.... This happened shortly after 1.0. At that time, I've just finished the year-long C++ course for master's students at my university. The course instructor was really really great, and I've got a solid understanding about major moving parts of the language. I'd read "the C++ programming language" book before, and I'd even pushed some semi-production C++ code, but, after working with the course instructor, I came to realization that I hadn't knew a thing about C++ before! So, my conclusion was that everyone who wants to touch C++, should really attend a university and take a proper master's-level C++ course.

And then, Rust comes into my life. I open a nice minimalist webside, and I see a link to "The Rust Book" there. I click the link and I see the official book which just goes and teaches you how to use the language! So, I've read the book and I could program in Rust! (granted, I needed quite a lot of practice to stop fighting the borrow checker and to learn that you shouldn't put extern crate rand into each and every of your modules, but these are details :slight_smile: )

The fact that there is an official book which you can just read and be able to use the language astonishes me even today!

Thanks a lot to all of you, who contributed to Rust documentation in any form, and especially to @steveklabnik! :heart: