TWiR quote of the week

It's five months old, but I encountered this quote today and don't remember seeing it in here back then.

Code doesn't deal with resources until it does. Similarly with everything else that forces you to reason about control flow - you don't care about thread management until you do, you don't care about action logs until you do, you don't care about performance until you do... and from the other side, code doesn't need to be exception-safe until it does. The trouble with this kind of "magic" language feature is that correctness becomes non-compositional: you can take two working pieces of code and put them together and get something that doesn't work.

-- lmm (Mickey Donaghy) @ > Not all code deals with resources. Streaming parsers normally don't. When you ... | Hacker News

(The full name was found by following the "this is also me" in the YCombinator user profile to the associated GitHub profile.)

I've never seen Rust's "complexity" put both from that angle and as succinctly as those last two sentences.