Collecting all talks and slides from RustCamp for TWiR!


Hey guys,
I’m one of the curators at This Week in Rust. For our issue 90 (to be published today), I’m planning to include all slides and talks from RustCamp that are currently available on web.
I wasn’t able to attend RustCamp (I live at the other side of the planet), but been able to find and add following slides so far (thanks Reddit!):

Still missing slides from @MDCox @wycats @carols10cents and others!
Please submit the links below and I’ll add them to TWiR.

@steveklabnik mentioned on Reddit that recordings are not online yet so maybe we should wait till next week’s issue instead @brson?
/cc @cmr


If you contact they should have all the links that exist – looks like all the ones they have are posted to though.


Uh oh! Missed to look at the most obvious place!
Thanks @Gankro, I’ll add the missing ones. :slight_smile:


It looks like you have Nick’s talk and they don’t though. Might want to
contact them anyway to give them the link.


I see TWiR got my notes in-- I don’t think my slides make much sense without me talking about them so I’m not planning on bothering to export them.

P.S.: I’m not a guy :slight_smile: