[TWiR] Call for Participation

In Boa, the JavaScript engine written in Rust, are taking part in Hacktoberfest, and we would like some help in some issues.

Especially in those that are causing the engine a panic.

Hi everyone :wave:

Here are a couple of Ockam issues for this week's call:

Thank you for including us.

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I have a few issues for people interested in smart meters (or just parsers):

Hi everyone :wave:

There are quite a few open issues on pest if anyone's interested: Issues · pest-parser/pest · GitHub

There are also two issues for the pest's website if anyone's into Wasm (as highlighted on v2.5.0: introducing `pest_debugger` · Discussion #739 · pest-parser/pest · GitHub ):

I'd like to see more testing of impl-tools.

It supports a number of things, including a more flexible #[derive], impl Self syntax, auto trait implementation over generic types, and singleton! { .. }.

There have been some good suggestions (better support for new-type wrappers, better error messages). Keep them coming!

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Hello! Could we have a couple of Ockam issues included in this week's call for participation?

We have more beginner-friendly issues available similar to the two described above.

Thank you!

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Hi again, we have new good first issues at Ockam this week! It would be awesome if they could be included in the newsletter :pray:


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Hello Everyone, I am one of the autors of Meilisearch and I would like to know if it would be possible to ask for help on these four issues?

The diesel project is looking for community contributions to the following issues:

Hello, we have some good first issues at Ockam:

Thanks and have a happy week! :crocodile:

The diesel project is looking for contributions to the following issue:

The Comprehensive Rust :crab: course is looking for contributors for the following issues:

I'll be happy to mentor people on those issues, let us know on the issue tracker :slight_smile:

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Hey everyone :ocean:

Here are a couple of Ockam issues for this week's call:

Thank you for including us!

Warp, a file transfer application based on gtk-rs and magic-wormhole-rs, recently added Windows support and would appreciate some help sanding down a couple of rough edges: Tracking: Windows Issues (#39) · Issues · World / Warp · GitLab
Please reach out, especially if you have any prior experience with Windows software distribution.


A MITM Proxy Written in Rust :crab:! The Ultimate Toolkit for HTTP/1, HTTP/2, and WebSockets with SSL/TLS Capabilities.

Hi folks!

Here are some issues from Ockam:

  1. Create clap command to delete a TCP Outlet on a node
  2. Create clap command to delete a TCP Inlet on a node
  3. Add a Github Action to avoid conflicts in TypeTag ids

Thank you for including our issues!!

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