Tutorials on writing OS (for edu) in Rust

I am aware of
Stanford CS140e - Operating Systems

I prefer the content of cs140e, but would also prefer to do something entirely within qemu / emulator (easier debugging).


  1. Is it possible to emulate an Andruino on Linux?

  2. Is there something similar to cs140e content-wise, but we can run directly in qemu / virtual box / ... ?

I've never tried, but QEMU 5.1.0 lists support for some Arduinos.

There is also this: CS-3210: Design Operating Systems — CS-3210, Spring 2020 1 documentation

I guess it's related to cs140e apparently.

Rust OSDev is a monthly blog about OS development in Rust, so you may find some pointers there as well.

A tutorial series on writing a RISC-V operating system using rust can be found here https://osblog.stephenmarz.com/. Everything is done using qemu.

I looked at it briefly a while ago and thought it looked interesting.

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This is the link I recall seeing but could not find again (until now). Thanks!

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