Turning self parameter into Rc

I'm porting a working semantic data model (for a language compiler) from JavaScript to Rust and symbol factory methods are getting not as expected. In JavaScript I've an instance method SymbolPool#createName() and in Rust I've a static method SymbolPool::create_name(), where the self parameter has turned into a Rc, consequently making the method static.

I need to do symbol.set_pool(self) in my factory, but actually the Symbol#set_pool() method is going to take a Rc.

I think that one workaround could be to store a _self_reference: Weak<SymbolPool> field in SymbolPool. However, the symbol factory methods are not the only issue. I had also to move some methods from Symbol to SymbolPool, just to take a Rc (and not cluster the Symbol trait with static methods, since Rc<dyn Symbol> is used in the code).

I think that allowing self parameter as a Rc would benefit this (pre-RFC).

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It's already supported, just use self: Rc<Self> or self: &Rc<Self>.


I didn't even test it, cool!

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