Trigger Travis jobs when a new Rust release is made

I have a small Rust crate on Github with no activities for a year, just because it already does its job and there’s no plan to enhance it at the moment; I still wish to make sure it works with the latest/forthcoming Rust releases.

However I just noticed the Travis job for it could only be triggered by commits to the repository and it never “saw” there has been as many as 9 releases to the stable channel since the last run… Do you have any ideas on how to make sure your old crate is keeping up with the latest Rust releases? My .travis.yml is as simple as

language: rust
    - stable
    - beta
    - nightly

True, you aren’t supposed to hit any issues just by migrating to a new stable release without opting-in to a new “edition”. This is perhaps just for the sake of my own peace of mind.

Maybe I can have a small Cron job on my PC to issue a REST API call to Travis for re-triggering the job whenever a new release is detected, but that feels a bit too “hand-made” to me.

While I’m not sure how easy it would be to trigger a new build on a new Rust release, Travis already has support for running builds on a cron schedule.


You don’t need to commit/create a PR to trigger the test build. You can go to travis and click on “restart build”

Thanks, but I want to have computers serve me, not the other way around…

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I use a daily cron + nightly builder for all of my projects. That way I get an email whenever a nightly change affects my code and I can either report it upstream or fix my code.

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Another advantage of the Cron (periodic time based) approach recommended above, is the potential of catching an issue with a rust nightly before some breaking change makes it into a rust stable release.