Thrussh server does not work

Hello. I am trying to build a ssh server with rust.
I found thrussh library and trying a sample code in the document.

extern crate thrussh;
extern crate thrussh_keys;
extern crate futures;
extern crate tokio;
use std::sync::{Mutex, Arc};
use thrussh::*;
use thrussh::server::{Auth, Session};
use thrussh_keys::*;
use std::collections::HashMap;


async fn main() {
    let client_key = thrussh_keys::key::KeyPair::generate_ed25519().unwrap();
    let client_pubkey = Arc::new(client_key.clone_public_key());
    let mut config = thrussh::server::Config::default();
    config.connection_timeout = Some(std::time::Duration::from_secs(3));
    config.auth_rejection_time = std::time::Duration::from_secs(3);

    let config = Arc::new(config);
    let sh = Server{
        clients: Arc::new(Mutex::new(HashMap::new())),
        id: 0

    let res = tokio::time::timeout(
        thrussh::server::run(config, "", sh)

    match res {
        Ok(v) => println!("{:?}", v),
        Err(err) => println!("{}", err)

struct Server {
    client_pubkey: Arc<thrussh_keys::key::PublicKey>,
    clients: Arc<Mutex<HashMap<(usize, ChannelId), thrussh::server::Handle>>>,
    id: usize,

impl server::Server for Server {
    type Handler = Self;
    fn new(&mut self, _: Option<std::net::SocketAddr>) -> Self {
        let s = self.clone(); += 1;

impl server::Handler for Server {
    type Error = anyhow::Error;
    type FutureAuth = futures::future::Ready<Result<(Self, server::Auth), anyhow::Error>>;
    type FutureUnit = futures::future::Ready<Result<(Self, Session), anyhow::Error>>;
    type FutureBool = futures::future::Ready<Result<(Self, Session, bool), anyhow::Error>>;

    fn finished_auth(mut self, auth: Auth) -> Self::FutureAuth {
        futures::future::ready(Ok((self, auth)))
    fn finished_bool(self, b: bool, s: Session) -> Self::FutureBool {
        futures::future::ready(Ok((self, s, b)))

    fn finished(self, s: Session) -> Self::FutureUnit {
        futures::future::ready(Ok((self, s)))

    fn channel_open_session(self, channel: ChannelId, session: Session) -> Self::FutureUnit {
            let mut clients = self.clients.lock().unwrap();
            clients.insert((, channel), session.handle());

    fn auth_publickey(self, _: &str, _: &key::PublicKey) -> Self::FutureAuth {

    fn data(self, channel: ChannelId, data: &[u8], mut session: Session) -> Self::FutureUnit {
            let mut clients = self.clients.lock().unwrap();
            for ((id, channel), ref mut s) in clients.iter_mut() {
                if *id != {
          *channel, CryptoVec::from_slice(data));
        }, CryptoVec::from_slice(data));

It compiled successfully. But it does not run a server.

> ./target/debug/tadious
deadline has elapsed

I think the deadline means timeout, because the message is shown later by increasing timeout secs.

Do you actually want a timeout? I think that's just in the example so that it can be tested for a moment without fully blocking CI. For a long-running server, I think you'd just run(...).await.

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