This Week in Rust editors' thread


@brson Already on it. Will PR shortly.
Also, noticed that was missed again, I’ll add it to “What’s cooking on nightly?” section. :slight_smile:


Today’s issue is out! Thanks @nasa42 again for making it happen.


Here’s the draft for Monday: I’ll try to get the PRs and RFCs done tomorrow.


My WIP for Monday. I’ve done PRs and will finish RFCs next.


@brson I’ll fill-in the links including the ones I missed last week.


@nasa42 I’ve pushed FCPs and events to my wip. I’ll wait for you on the blog links and the qotw, then we’ll publish.


@brson already made a PR. :slight_smile:


Today’s edition is out!


Would job offers for rust programmers be something that could go into TWIR? Specifically student/assistant researcher jobs.


I think it’s a great idea. Maybe we can also start a new thread here “Job
Board” and TWiR can pick posts from there?


I started a draft for Monday and added upcoming events. Not sure how much else I’ll get done today.


Sorry guys, it’s been a very busy Monday. I’ll get TWiR next issue PR done
first thing tomorrow morning.


Here’s my wip for today. So far I’ve got PR’s done.


OK, I’m going to finish off what is now yesterday’s edition today.


@nasa42 OK, I’m starting on the blog posts now, and will get this wrapped up soon.


Oh, I see you’ve got a PR up! I’ll merge ours and publish. Sorry for all the posts.


@brson I thought you get the PR notifications. I’ll tag you next time. :slight_smile:


Should mention the German forum in next edition.


This week’s edition is out:

@nasa42 this week I didn’t do any collection of RFCs and PRs myself and instead just included the entire subteam report to cover those subjects. If the teams continue producing useful information this may make TWiR easier to maintain.


Got an email:

Simon To: Subject:Rustaceans - Rust user groups Date: Wednesday, August 12, 2015 5:50 PM Size: 2 KB Hi TWIR! went live yesterday, and we were hoping to be included in next
week’s distribution :slight_smile:



Simon Flynn