This Week in Rust editors' thread


I’ve started the draft for Monday’s edition:

@cmr suggested we might integrate info from the subteam reports, which I think is a great idea. We especially want people to see the FCP RFCs.


I would love to add more content to TWiR. The draft template has had a ‘crate of the week’ section stubbed out for a few months but I’ve never actually written one. Just something short that reminds people about the existence of a great crate and how to use it would be awesome.


@brson I think the “crate of the week” section can/should be superseded by
"New releases & updates" section where we already cover new crates as well
as new releases of existing notable crates. And we can use this section to
also bring attention to underrated crates, something that I guess “crate of
the week” was intended for. :slight_smile:


@nasa42 That’s ok by me.

I am traveling on vacation right now and will not be able to work on an edition for the 29th. @nasa42 if you and others can put something together that would be great, but if not I understand and we’ll catch up next week.


@brson I’ll try to put together something. Have a great vacation!


Oh, man. I’m not even sure I’ll have Internet access in the Monday-Tuesday timeframe. @cmr is presently the only other person can deploy, so you may have to ping them to get it published.


Just let me know and I’ll get it done, email is the fastest way to reach me!


I’ll get a PR by PDT tz morning.


Woot! Good job team! Thanks for making this happen @nasa42.


No offense but Rust 1.0 and Rust 1.1 both passed twir by without fanfare, balloons or even a marquee tag so remind me to help you next time there’s a rust release :smile:


6th issue from now I guess, should be about release 1.2. We’ll likely have
a new design by then. I’ll ensure new layout includes support for
emoticons, even if it used just for this very purpose. :slight_smile:


Getting a late start on Today’s issue, but I just checked in the draft. I’ll start filling it in after lunch.


Would be nice to mention


@nasa42 finished this weeks twir already! Thanks a bunch!

If didn’t get in let’s mention it next week.


ugh it was finished almost a week ago already. We need to spread the good news!


Here’s an empty draft for Monday. I’ll start with pull requests and RFCs. Here’s my work in progress. cc @nasa42 @cmr.


OK, I’ve added PR’s and new contribs. Going to do RFCs next.

Edit: OK, I’ve merged my current WIP. This is probably all I’m going to finish today. If somebody could summarize the blogosphere that would be helpful.


@brson Already on it. Will PR shortly.
Also, noticed that was missed again, I’ll add it to “What’s cooking on nightly?” section. :slight_smile:


Today’s issue is out! Thanks @nasa42 again for making it happen.


Here’s the draft for Monday: I’ll try to get the PRs and RFCs done tomorrow.