The documents require C/C++ knowledges

The official documents treat the readers as they learned C before, however, not all people learned C/C++ before. How about modifying the documents to teach Rust from scratch?

Any particular spots?


C++ or maybe Haskell. Rust contains a lot of new features that did not exist(or widely known) in popular GC and OOP languages. That could be a heavy amount of knowledge to learn for people without related backgrounds that Rust trying to focus. However, each one's mileage may vary.

Note that Steve, the first listed author on The Book, actually came from Ruby, so to me it's always seemed more like the primary target reader persona is someone who's done a bit of Python, or something like that.

If anything, I've heard that often people coming from C or C++ prefer Programming Rust as it's more oriented towards them.

I'd love to get more total-beginner Rust documentation, though. It'd be really cool to see how people with no programming experience at all react to Rust -- I've long wondered if some of the restrictions might seem reasonable if you don't have expectations from something else.


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