Terrible UX on some docs.rs links


I just had a friend that recently started using Rust complain to me that many documentation links for Rust projects don't work.

And indeed, a lot of projects links from their github pages like that: reqwest - Rust and right now this redirects to: https://docs.rs/reqwest/0.8.8/reqwest/ which displays:

The requested resource does not exist

and that's it. No helpful link, or whatever. The root cause is - the underlying package failed to compile the docs, but the end result is a terrible experience for a new user. I was told that this is quite common too. I believe the fix or a workaround shouldn't be too much work and would make a huge difference, so if anyone is able - please see into it. The issue is already known: https://github.com/onur/docs.rs/issues/232


Have you suggested to your friend that fixing the issue could be a good way to start using Rust?

I don't think he's there yet.

I think it might have been under the radar for a while, and I'd just like to point out that this is very discouraging for new user. Sorry for not being more help then just pointing it out.

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