Take last N characters from string

Is there any idiomatic way to take the last N characters from String (where "character" is meant as the thing yielded by String::chars)? For now, I'm using the following:

let len = string.chars().count() - N;
string.drain(0..len).for_each(|_| {});

But this approach looks a little ugly.

This code is wrong, and may panic on non-ascii string, since the .drain() takes byte length not character count. Quick fix.

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You don't need to actually do anything with the drained items (the for_each()). The items will be removed whenever the result is dropped.

By using something like let _ = string.drain(0..len), you can explicitly say "just remove these items and throw them away".

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Oops, thanks. I looked too fast on the docs and assumed the opposite.

Thanks, that definitely looks more clear.

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