Svelte Magical Disappear UI Framework


I have been playing for a few weeks with with Rollup to cut down and deliver the only code that is need, not bloated Javascript frameworks.

I quite happy to compile many components into a single vanilla JS file without difficulty. This is interesting for any web developers in the Rust community. Just curious, what is your thought on this?


I have some thoughts about zero-cost abstractions in web frontend dev :slight_smile:

I’ve been hearing about svelte but have not looked into it. My next JS project for fun will probably use cycle.js (and TypeScript) and I would like to try and optimize this as far I can, too. Especially using Google’s Closure Compiler can, in theory, allow for a lot more optimizations than something like Rollup or Uglify – it can unroll loops and inline closures. Just we are used to from Rust!


Nice write-up, there was some discussion on Svelte with annotations for Closure. As far as I had a good experience with closure in advanced mode without errors. If there are interested contributors like to work on these area, we will benefit too.