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As a counter-point, I’ve found I really like the loop{} syntax. Even in languages without do while, I find I’m often writing code that fits the pattern of

loop {
    let x = something_complicated();
    if predicate(x) { break }

And not needing while (true) or for (;;) (Stroustrup-style) is nice.

On a “this is probably bad style but” note, I’m also rather enamoured by

fn find<T>(mut it: impl Iterator<Item=T>, mut f: impl FnMut(&T) -> bool) -> Option<T> {
    loop {
        let x =;
        if f(&x) { return Some(x) }

(Even if I probably wouldn’t actually write code like that “for real”.)


I like the recommended Ada style here: use structured loops (for, while…) if they do the job, but as soon as you need to mess with their control flow via breaks, continues or early returns, consider using a raw loop instead in order to warn the reader about the unusual control flow.


Yes, I like this!


Or better yet, use iterator combinators for great composability. :slight_smile:


I consider these as another kind of structured loop :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah I see, fair enough :yum:

I see them in the more declarative haskellian light of “data flow”.