State of the art in test frameworks

I've been looking for a test framework with the following features:

  • Support for fixtures with automatic teardown for doing things that are uncomfortable to have in a Drop impl, including waiting on blocking functions, graceful handling of panics, making summary printouts, etc.
  • Preferably, an ability to integrate with async test harnesses like tokio::test.

So far I have found two promising solutions:

  • galvanic-test looks decent. However, it hasn't been updated in 1.5 years, which by the norms of this ecosystem means it is verging on unmaintained (or alternatively, is timelessly great). :grin: There does not seem to be an organic support for async, though.
  • rstest looks sweet, is under active development, and promises to support all async harnesses, with built-in integration into async-std. It does not seem to support non-Drop tear down of fixtures so far.

Are there any more crates I should look at? Did I miss something in the above?

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