Standback 0.2.10 has been released — use new stdlib APIs in old compilers

Some of you may remember back in March (oh, how long ago that feels!) when I announced standback. The TL;DR of the whole thing is that a significant portion of, though not all, APIs stabilized in the standard library are fully capable of being implemented in userland. So…why not‽

I have just released standback 0.2.10, which includes support for Rust 1.45 and 1.46, the latter of which is due to be released this coming Thursday. I typically aim to have support for each release as they come out, but I was preoccupied with my capstone this summer.

I have been using standback as a direct dependency of time 0.2 since standback's release without issue (and over 600,000 downloads). If you are the author of a library and desire to maintain both your MSRV and using new APIs, this crate is for you. If the end user is using a newer compiler, they pay extremely little compilation cost (near zero), as everything is gated behind automatic version detection.


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