Specific human face recognition library - callable from Rust?

Hello everyone.
I am new Rust hobby-programmer-learner.

I am trying to find a way of detecting specific face (i.e. my own face) in a given .JPG file.
I dont need to know if a given .JPG file has some/any human faces, what I do need to know if a given .JPG file has a specific human face such as my own face, for example.

I found one question in this forum with similar question (suggesion OpenCV) but it is rather dated question, from year 2018.

Now we are in middle of 2021.
Is there a free-to-use library (C,C++, Rust, Python, etc) that can detect a specific given human face that I can call from Rust?

I found Crate imageproc but I am not sure if this suitable.
I am looking for a high-level library, not something that requires me to understand how face detection works at low level.

thank you very much in advance

This task is too computationally expensive for a language that runs on the CPU, so you won't find any library for it in Rust.

You'll have to look for GPU-based machine learning models, and they're usually implemented based on frameworks in other languages. They might still be callable from Rust through std::process::Command or FFI, but the core problem is not related to Rust.

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Shot in the dark, but I would look into a web API that offers something like this, maybe there's an AI platform that includes such a feature as a product. Given the computation cost, I would delegate the job to a container that isolates this very niche concern (or just outsource it to a foreign API call over HTTP).

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thank you everyone, I will look into cloud options such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and AWS.

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