Simple questions about "One year of Rust" (Japanese translation?)


I am a Japanese Rust user who discovered Rust a few months ago. I am using Rust for my personal projects by embedding it into Erlang VM and am having great fun with it. I read a blog post "One year of Rust"; thank you for sharing the great article with a lot of links!

I got some simple questions and a comment on the post:

  • I would like to translate the post into Japanese and share it to Japanese developers via blog. Do you mind if I do so? (I will share the URL once it is published.)
  • What does "coherence" mean in this paragraph? "Ecosystem. ... These are just scratching the surface, of course, and ecosystem growth, curation and coherence -- particularly around async IO and the web stack -- will continue to be a major focus in the coming year."
  • There is a typo: "October 27-18, 2016: Rust Belt Rust". This should read "October 27-28 ...". (link)


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"Working/fitting together well". "Not fragmented/split". Basically, we don't want to end up with several clusters of non-interoperable libraries (e.g. the python2/3 split).

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Thank you for the prompt reply and detailed explanation. Now I understand it!

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I have published the Japanese translation of "One year of Rust". Thanks!


Awesome! Thanks so much!

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