Shared utility functions for tests and benches

I tried coding the preferred solution from this SO answer from Shepmaster. It tooks me hours because our enterprise project is quite big and now I have a strange problem where a single type have 2 paths.


It's obvious that they are the same object, but I'm unable to tell the compiler that they are. In this specific case, the compiler tell me that I can't access private member of CSDModel even if I'm in the file where it's defined, because I'm calling an utility function defined in the utility crate. I asked my colleague to create a toy example where we can see what I think is the same problem.

Is there a way to avoid that? Is it forbidden for the "utility" crate to call the other "real" crates? What's the problem here?

I'm the author of the toy example and indeed it's annoying. I would be really happy to find a way to make it works.

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