Shared RefCells?

Hello everyone !

I saw on the rust doc that cells are shareable mutable containers. I though RefCells were just like cells but for objects without the Copy trait, it gives you references. Now, how to I share the RefCell then ? Calling .clone() like I would on an Rc seems to clone the content of the cell if it implements the Clone trait, or give me an error if it doesn't. What should I do ? I'm sure there's an easy way to solve this.

Put it in an Rc.

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Ok, so that's how it's supposed to work. Though RefCells were shareable like Rcs or Cells. Thanks !

Cell isn't shareable either. Sharing and shared mutability are separate concerns, so they are separate types in Rust. Rc handles sharing and Cell/RefCell is for shared mutability.


Note that RefCell<T> directly contains the T. It is not a (smart) pointer type.


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