Serde compatibility broken?

To my surprise my project stopped compiling after cargo update.
I have import:
use serde::export::Formatter;
It works fine with serde 1.0.118. However after update to 1.0.119 (via cargo update) I get:
error[E0603]: module export is private
Is this some error on my part?

// Generated code uses these to support no_std. Not public API.
pub mod export;


when something is hidden in the documentation, it usually means that it is not meant to be used and it can change without that change being considered a breaking change

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There is no public export module in serde, Formatter is a re-export from std/core::fmt::Formatter (source), meant for internal use.

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I can officially blame idea's plugin: this is the import it suggests (even after update to 1.0.119).

Let’s see if we can improve the situation


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