SEO for crate docs over repos

Quite often when I google something related to a rust crate, the top link will be the github repo and the docs are well down the page or not even on the first page. I then end up clicking through to the repo and then on to the docs from there. Is there some way to improve this experience?

Don't use google, but, usually there is a link to the documentation on the top.

Or directly use, but I'm not sure if they really have all crates documentation included or only those that have opted in.

Well, yes if I'm searching exclusively for the docs that makes sense, but more often I'm searching for the answer to some question so looking for blog posts, forum discussions, and tutorials is as important as the docs.


Looked like you were explicitely looking for docs.

If it is more about generic things, only the authors of the content make the situation better, and those that link to it. And I fear it will always be, that the repository has the most backlinks, as probably most if not all blog posts will link to the repo, but the repo will probably not even link a fraction of available blog posts…

Well the docs are generally more useful to me than the repo. Looking at the source code in the repo has rarely been the key to unlocking my understanding of an issue as I'm just not that sophisticated in my programming knowledge in general or rust in specific.

add the word "docs" to your search query? :slight_smile:

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I'm not searching explicitly for the docs. But when searching for information about a particular crate, the docs should always be near the top of the results. Quite often they are not even on the first page of results for me.

Sure, but if you don't see docs in the early results, just adding that word (or blog or whatever else) can be faster way to bring them forward than scrolling, especially with live per-keypress iterative search.