RustyVault: A Hashicorp Vault Replacement in Rust

Hi Rustaceans,

We have started a pure Rust secret/key management project called RustyVault (w/Apache 2.0 license) to replace the original Hashicorp Vault. Have a look at: GitHub - Tongsuo-Project/RustyVault: A rusted vault that can do many awesome secrets management stuff...

5 months ago (in July 2023), when we started RustyVault, it is aimed at providing a better secret/key management system than the original Hashicorp Vault on security, performance and functionality. And of course, for the security considerations, Rust is our first choice because of its memory safe capability (And we always consider Rust is the most suitable language to write cryptography related software). One month later, in August 2023, Hashicorp changed its open source license and this also affected their Vault. In order to make it possible for the users to have a replacement candidate to an OSI-approved license open source software, we decided to make RustyVault fully compatible with Hashicorp Vault either in API or data format, thus the user can switch to RustyVault seamlessly without interrupting their business.

So currently, RustyVault has/will have the following pros:

  1. an open source foundation owned project with an OSI-approved open source license;
  2. fully compatible with Hashicorp Vault (API and data storage)
  3. guaranteed memory safe property due to Rust lang;
  4. configurable underlying cryptography library, including native Rust crates or OpenSSL;
  5. regulatory compliance in cryptography in different countries and regions;
  6. high performance on cryptography operations;
  7. high availability and cluster support;
  8. full audit and logging support;
  9. advanced cryptography ability including homomorphic encryption and post quantum cryptography
  10. ...

so if you are interested in making this project better, we are alway appreciated if more Rustaceans like to join RustyVault!


It looks like this is pretty new. The oldest issue seems to be about mid-2023. Do you have an anticipated date of first usable release?

I assume around mid-2024. Even in September is also possible.

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