Rustup doc local fonts broken?

Just today, I am getting CORS errors in Firefox when the Rust book tries to load the FontAwesome fonts. So icons at the top of the page, the left and right angle brackets at the sides of the page, and icons in program listings are all boxes with Unicode values in them.

This was working fine yesterday, and I am not aware of any updates to my system or to cargo. Going online to The Rust Programming Language - The Rust Programming Language is just fine.

What's going on?

After criticism, Firefox made changes to how it loads local files. In this specific case I think it's being overzealous with the blocking.

Unfortunately I don't think CSS has a way to explicitly tell the browser to load the fonts in "same-origin" mode (which would avoid CORS). Javascript does though.

Thanks, that explains it. I just installed Chromium, and it shows the icons. For now... :slight_smile:

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