Rustc 1.65 version build with clang version 14.0.6

I have some problem to build rustc 1.65 version with calng version 14.0.6

I want to build the rustc 1.65 version to cloning rustc-1.65-repository(
Then, build rustc with ./ build with llvm-project. In this situation, I want to build llvm-project related to clang 14.0.6 during rustc builld.

Then, any solution to build llvm-project related clang 14.0.6??
I guess that modifiy config.toml file to build rustc but I have no insight to build clang.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

The instructions for building rustc and setting up a sysroot are here:

I couldn't find any instructions for bringing your own version of LLVM, though.

You can set the path to your own llvm-config under [target.*] in config.toml.

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