Rustbook Example CSV Serde not working for me

I'm trying to use CSV and Serde in a project but ran into issues so I wanted to start with the rust book example, but I'm getting the following error when I try

My guess is I'm missing something in my cargo.toml, but I don't see a way to tell what it should be.
here's what I'm using


serde = "1.0.132"
csv = "1.1.6"


error: cannot find derive macro `Deserialize` in this scope
  --> src\
67 | #[derive(Deserialize)]
   |          ^^^^^^^^^^^

Code Example from Rustbook:

use serde::Deserialize;
struct Record {
    year: u16,
    make: String,
    model: String,
    description: String,

fn main() -> Result<(), csv::Error> {
    let csv = "year,make,model,description
1948,Porsche,356,Luxury sports car
1967,Ford,Mustang fastback 1967,American car";

    let mut reader = csv::Reader::from_reader(csv.as_bytes());

    for record in reader.deserialize() {
        let record: Record = record?;
            "In {}, {} built the {} model. It is a {}.",


I figured it out, I needed the following in my cargo.toml:

serde = { version = "1.0.132", features = ["derive"] }
csv = "1.1.6"

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