Rust to run in different types of Windows

Hi people:)
I am looking for versions of Rust (including docs) for different (old) versions of Windows.

  1. What is the newest possible version of Rust, able to run on WindowsXP?
  2. Was there ever a version of Rust, able to run on Win2K and/or WinNT4?

This is for a Demo-Project running on not-TO-old-vintage-systems.
Thanx a lot,

You might want to check this blog post - this is about cross-compiling to old Windows, but maybe you'll be able to pick some ideas for your goals.

hmm, this looks like a project for it self...
And - yes it sounds like lot of fun.
But in fact I was hoping just for two old versions of Rust. One for XP, one for NT, or 2K.
If I have to cross-compile Rust, this project becomes to time-insensitive.

As far as I know there was never a version of the Rust compiler that could run on Windows XP. The compiler uses APIs for things like symbolic links and locks that don't exist in XP and earlier, and it’s been a long time since LLVM supported running on XP.

For a while you could carefully compile some Rust code for XP, but that stopped working and was removed after Firefox no longer supported running on XP.


Never mind. I'll have a look then for alternatives.
Best rgds,

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