Rust for Symbian^3 platform

I'm trying to compile simple 'hello world' program for Symbian^3 platform. I've got fully working original toolchain and other C/C++ tools/SDKs for it. I've got big problem with pointing which linker Cargo should take for linking operation. Where or how should I pass path to linker for cargo?
For me this is a crash course of learning rust :smiley:
Repository with all my work is here: GitHub - jurgenwigg/hello_symbian_rust: Simple 'Hello World!' app written in rust on Symbian^3 Belle OS
I'm trying to build app with this command:

cargo +nightly build -Z unstable-options -Zbuild-std --target arm-nokia-none-gnueabihf.json

This is target json which I'm using for building:

"abi": "eabihf",
"arch": "arm",
"crt-static-respected": true,
"data-layout": "e-m:e-p:32:32-Fi8-i64:64-v128:64:128-a:0:32-n32-S64",
"dynamic-linking": false,
"env": "gnu",
"executables": true,
"features": "+strict-align,+v6,+vfp2,-d32",
"has-elf-tls": true,
"has-rpath": true,
"llvm-target": "arm-nokia-none-gnueabihf",
"max-atomic-width": 64,
"os": "symbian",
"position-independent-executables": true,
"relro-level": "full",
"target-family": [
"target-mcount": "\u0001__gnu_mcount_nc",
"target-pointer-width": "32",
"linker-flavor" : "gcc"

I'm still getting error:

Compiling hello_symbian_rust v0.1.0 (D:[NOKIA_DEV]\GitHub\hello_symbian_rust)
error: linker cc not found
= note: program not found

error: could not compile hello_symbian_rust due to previous error

What can be the root cause of this situation?

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