Rust Dependencies Graph for Understanding Large Codebase

Hi All,

I found the discussion before about creating dependencies graph for crate here.

I try the rust-analyzer via vscode but i can't find the way to store the graph.

Is there any resources where i can find how to do this on VSCode or IntellijIDEA Rust?

Thanks a lot

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I normally use the cargo deps command to generate a visual representation of my dependency tree.

It's just a command-line program that generates a file graphviz can compile into an image (in this case I asked for PNG).

$ cargo graph | dot -Tpng > dependencies.png

Running it on the include_dir crate shows this:


The output can get a bit unmanageable for projects with a larger number of dependencies (e.g. 388), but then that's kinda what you'd expect :man_shrugging:


thanks. finally i can view the diagram from vscode using rust analyzer but i can't save it to png.

also use the command above before, but it's throwing errror

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