"Rust code reviews" web site for cargo-crev

Open source code needs a community effort to express trustworthiness.
Crev is a scalable, social, Code REView and recommendation system that we desperately need for establishing trust in Open Source code.
cargo-crev is a cryptographically verifiable code review system for the cargo (Rust) package manager.
Start with reading the reviews of the many crates you use.
900+ reviews for 500+ crates.
Example: web.crev.dev/rust-reviews/crate/num-traits/

Help us Raise awareness about "Rust code reviews".


I'm curious, how are the proof repositories discovered? I mean, were all the people listed on this site (and probably on lib.rs too) added there manually, or there is some kind of automation?

Yes, automation is made here:

The manual list is here:

Basically, it should probably work the same way regular crev proof discovery works.

If someone you know of lists a proof repo as known, then you know of it. (Web of trust!) And there's the additional channel of who's forked the template proof repo on GitHub.

The local cargo-crev CLI has only the authors you trust. Use it for your projects.
On the global webpage for Rust-reviews I show all the reviews I can get. Also of people you don't trust. So be careful.
I will remove authors if I receive complaints that they are abusing the system.
Some older repositories are not compatible with the new format and cannot use them. I think the authors could update cargo-crev and migrate their reviews to the new format.

I opened another parallel discussion also here:

I added some background to the Ratings, to separate them from other data in the grid. And I had to add also "None" for reviews without Ratings. SO the acronym now is S-P-E-N-0 for Strong-Positive-Neutral-Negative-None.

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