Rust AppVeyor (windows CI) scripts

While Travis CI has built-in rust support in their infrastructure, it only supports linux builds. I wanted some CI for windows builds of Rust, so I created some configuration and install scripts for AppVeyor. I thought some other folks might be interested in the scripts and configuration template, so I cleaned it up and documented it and put it up on GitHub.

If anyone wants to get started using AppVeyor for Rust projects, the Rust install script and appveyor template configuration are at GitHub - starkat99/appveyor-rust: Scripts for windows versions of Rust on AppVeyor



My AppVeyor scripts for Rust are crummy++. It'd also be cool to use a Visual Studio Extension for Rust to build. You'd still have to install Rust AND the extension though... So maybe not great for a build server.

Here is what I use:

This lets me build/test with MSVC 2015 and MSVC 2013 on both x86 and x64. I looked at your script and it seems to require more network I/O than mine because it downloads the manifest. Thus, I think my script is at least slightly faster. However, my script requires that appveyor.yml be updated with the version number of the current stable release every six weeks.

Feel free to use any parts of my script that are helpful.

Yeah, I plan to do some updates to the script later to only download manifest for stable channel (since that's the only one that changes names based on version), and also to allow specific versions to be downloaded as an alternative to channels.

Awesome. Another thing to consider is whether you should build x86 by downloading x86_64 and cross-compiling x86, or whether you should download the 32-bit build of Rust/Cargo. I currently do the latter, but I'm planning to switch to the former, as I believe x86_64 is the only realistic hosting platform, and I expect most people to cross-compile to 32-bit.