Returning custom error from Vec binary search

How do I return a custom error from Vec binary search when the item is not present?

let who = ["account 1", "account 2", "account 3", "account 4", "account 5", "account 6"];
let insert = who.binary_search(&who).err().ok_or(Error::<T>::AlreadyVetoed)?;

error message

 cannot use the `?` operator in a method that returns `()`

You can't return an error in a function that doesn't have a Result as its return value.

It was done here

The function you've linked to returns DispatchResult, which is defined here as std::result::Result<(), DispatchError>.

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Slice's binary search returns a Result<usize, usize> with the error being where in the slice a new entry might fit. So wouldn't it be possible to use Result::map_err to transform it into your desired custom error?

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Are you sure it's the right code? The error message you've quoted doesn't seem to apply to the code you've linked to.

Check if you don't have the code inside a closure. That's a common source of this error, e.g.:

fn fallible(…) -> Result<…> {|x| bar(x)?);

won't work, even if foo is in a function returning result, because the bar call is in a closure that has its own return type.


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