Return from a function if `Option<T>` is not `None`

I want to return early from a function if an Option<T> is not None.
I'm missing methods to work with Option::None like Result has (expect_err, unwrap_err, etc).
I know this is possible with x.ok_or(()).err().ok_or(...)?, but that's completely unreadable.
Am I looking over a method in the documentation, should I take a completely other approach, or is this not easily possible?

You can just do

if let Some(value) = option {
    return value;

If you show us an actual, existing function to refactor and its context, we might be able to offer more useful help.


That makes sense. I'm in love with rusts method chaining, and I didn't realize if let was also possible here. Thanks!

If you look the the methods' source code (e.g. via, you can see they are all implemented via a simple match. You should keep that in mind when trying to find an apparently complicated solution via combinators: it might be simpler to just spell it out using match (or in this case if let, which is just syntactic sugar for match).

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