Read from TlsStream<TcpStream> using `tokio-rustls`

I am using rustls, and want to read TlsStream to a buffer likewise we read TcpStream. Here is what I am doing:

let acceptor = TlsAcceptor::from(Arc::new(config));

let fut = async {

    let mut listener = TcpListener::bind(&addr).await?;

    loop {

        let (stream, peer_addr) = listener.accept().await?;
        let acceptor = acceptor.clone();

        let fut = async move {

            let mut stream = acceptor.accept(stream).await?;

            //// CURRENTLY THIS .read() is throwing error in compiler
            println!("Stream: {:?}", [0; 1024]));

            Ok(()) as io::Result<()>

        handle.spawn(fut.unwrap_or_else(|err| eprintln!("{:?}", err)));

It throws error

'error[E0599]: no method named read found for struct tokio_rustls::server::TlsStream<tokio::net::tcp::stream::TcpStream> in the current scope'

I am looking to read from TlsStream generated using tokio-rustls to buffer.

Have you imported Tokio's AsyncReadExt?

This is the dependencies in my cargo.toml

tokio = { version = "0.2", features = ["full"] }
futures-util = "0.3"
rustls = "0.17.0"
tokio-rustls = "0.13.0"

But have you imported it?

use tokio::io::AsyncReadExt;

Thanks alice. That was the error why it was not working due to the absent use statement.

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