QUIC Support in RUST

Hi. I am very new to Rust (looks great) though not to programming.

Is there a library to support QUIC Network programming or plans to include one ?

The crates.io site can be looked for . I did look for QUIC there and there are some projects there.

Mind that the whole effort of rust is open source. So you may see a bazaar of projects attempt to implement the same thing you want. I'm new to rust myself, so I still don't have a quick directive on "which project to choose".

I would go for projects with good participation and a good amount of downloads. There is not much for "QUIC" there, though. But there are some. Perhaps they are enough?


Quinn and Quiche are probably the most popular ones.

If I recall correctly some of the people working on Quinn also work on the protocol itself.
Quiche is made by Cloudflare.

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TQUIC is a new QUIC implementation by Tencent write in RUST.

FYI: GitHub - Tencent/tquic: A high-performance, lightweight, and cross-platform QUIC library

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