Qt gui in rust language

is qt gui library is free to use in rust language

There are Rust bindings to the Qt library, but they are quite immature (gtk-rs appears to be the most mature option at this point)

The project which has the most discussion around it is the Rust Qt Binding Generator, which allows you to write most of your application logic in Rust but implement the GUI part in either QML (Qt Quick) or C++. Quite different to something like PyQt/PySide

The most promising direct bindings (along the lines of PyQt/PySide) I've found are the rust-qt project, which lets to create widgets and connect signals etc all in Rust.

If you are asking about "free" in terms of licensing, that's a very different (and more complex) question!

so if i develop an application using qt and try to market it or sell it , i wand to pay money

The qt library is licensed under GPL and LGPL depending on various details, so you can sell your software, however you have to follow the appropriate license (e.g. GPL requires that you distribute source code to buyers and allow anyone who buys it to distribute it to others). It seems like qt also sells commercial licenses without such a requirement.

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