PSA: use eventlog if winlog is causing you pain

I have a multiplatform daemon/service in which I want to use:

  • Windows Event Log when running as a service on Windows
  • env_logger when running either on Unixy platforms or on Windows as a non-service

To make a long story short, winlog made this much more complicated that it should be, imo. eventlog is a fork of winlog which is meant to remove some of winlog's warts, and it does just that.

I wish I had known this before wasting time trying to bend winlog to my will.

(Just one heads-up: The second argument to eventlog::init() doesn't seem to do what I assume it is intended to do -- instead, call the log-crate directly to set the filter).

Posting this in case it can save some time for others in the future.

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