Proper way to use syntex + macros for JNI generator?


Hi, I want to simplify writing Java binding for Rust. Basically I need do such thing by hands:

Input: mod my_module { pub fn foo(a: i32) -> i32 { a + 1 } }


//rust code
use my_module::foo;
fn Java_package_name_Class_foo(_: *mut JNIEnv, _: jclass, a: jint) -> jint { foo(a) }
//java code
package package_name;
public final class Class {
   public static native int foo(int a); 


I want to automate this, and imagine such API after reading syntex docs:

java_class!(classname Class {
  pub static_method my_module::foo,

More general:

 java_class!(class Class {
      constructor my_module::Foo::new,
      pub method my_module::Foo::f1,
      pub static_method my_module::f2,
      method my_module::Foo::f3,
      static_method my_module::f4,

How it should works:

  1. I add such java_class! calls to, then use analog of nightly plugins register_macro in syntex and via this hook get full names of functions/methods

  2. After get full names I parse whole crates with code similar to rusty-binder (it also uses syntex under the hood)
    and find out signature of all functions/methods or report error if I can not find one.

  3. I got all what I want and can generate java code and with "Java_"

Do you have any doubts in plan realization?
Is syntex support register_macro and can parse such macro?
Is any problems to get full name in syntex (for example with clang and parsing of c++
some time ago was problem to get from class Foo token full name like namespace1::namespace2::Foo)?